Walk with slutty girl gets a public nudity twist

I still haven’t fucked this girl but I knew it was eminent to happen soon. Today I found out that she is so slutty I could have nailed her already, right there in the park. We were talking about all kinds of stuff and then she stopped and asked me to take a few photos of her, because we were almost fully alone by the park lake. Sure thing, I snapped a few and it got more interesting by the moment.

Teen girl undressed to her panties and poses for photos by the park lake

She got undressed in the middle of the park

She said that she planned on showing me her tits anyway so why not do it in front of my camera as well, because she really likes the nature scenery. In a heartbeat, this little slut removed her dress and bra and stood in the park in front of me in nothing but her lace panties. My first reaction was holy fuck, it is really happening but soon I gathered my cool I snapped a few pictures of her wonderful big boobs.

Big naked boobs and pierced nipples photographed in park

Her big boobs and nipples look delicious

I have a hunch telling me that this isn’t her first time removing her clothes in a public place and posing for photos. That very same hunch is telling me that I’ll easily talk her into doing something way more nasty, like making an amateur porn video with me and maybe we can put it up on some big sex in public kind of a site.

Provocative busty girl got naked in a public park

She likes to provoke attention in public

With or without fucking her in front of the camera, it felt good and proper to see her in all of her glory, standing proudly and nakedly in the park. Her big tits look marvelous and both of her hard nipples got piercings in them. Her belly button got yet another piercing in it and she even got small tattoos all across her body. I know I’ll have a good time with this hot freak when she starts to regularly take my hard cock up her lovely tight holes. She is such a sexy tease when she gets publicly nude that she got me horny like no girl ever did.

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