Naked girl poses with her embarrassed father

This is by far one of the most socially awkward moments that I ever witnessed. I took this girl with model aspirations for a nude photo shoot out in the nature and her father insisted that he comes along, to make sure she is safe while she is out there, with unknown people (me). Well, I had no hidden agenda with this girl (at least not for now) and I’m cool with him being there. I did have to modify my ideas for poses to make them more family friendly, if you get what I mean, but fine, all worked out well. I had a bit of fun on their account because she was naked and shy and her father was visibly embarrassed by seeing his naked daughter in front of him. That is why I had to insist they pose together for a photo.

Teen girl posing naked for a photo with her embarrassed father

Father is looking pretty awkward while hugging his naked daughter

There is a big difference for such a hot teen girl to be nude in front of unknown people and to be nude in front of her own father. That is what makes this photo that much crazy. Never the less, if you can ignore her old man on the picture, take a look at her wonderful pussy that got a shape of a burger, and you’ll know why I really wanted to photograph this girl, with or without her father being around.

Her father’s words to me after I took this photo

Once it was all over, we had a few laughs about the awkwardness and all, and that is when her father told me: “don’t ever have a daughter”. He is joking of course, but after seeing her naked in all kinds of poses during the photo shoot, you can’t blame him for cracking that joke.

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