Meet the Ratt Gang

Since you’re definitely wondering who is standing behind this personal porn experience that you can’t find anywhere else, it is time to introduce The Ratt Gang members, without anything hidden (except the faces, because we can’t do what we do if we’re world known, you’ll understand). I don’t even need to say, but I’ll still say it, we’re not a criminal gang of any kind (unless it is a crime to bang many girls). We’re not rats either but it is a hilariously cool name for our group of friends. Don’t worry, you will know everything you ever wanted about each and every one of us.

Meet the team that brings you amateur and voyeur porn that you like

We had a dilemma on what kind of media to use to show ourselves to you, and despite some of us wanted an orgy video with all of us in it (with loads of girls too, of course), we went for a more subtle approach. Without further ado, here is The Ratt Gang, all members, hanging out with lots of sexy amateur girls in a very crowded club.

Ratt gang member dancing with two hot girls

One girl is not enough for any Ratt Gang member

King ratt surrounded with beautiful women

We don’t call him the king Ratt for nothing

Three ratt gang members posing for a picture in the club

Three of us preparing the game plan in the club

Ratt gang member with many hot chicks in the club

I promise I’ll do even more girls in the future

You will get to know more and more about us when you read up on our latest sexual adventures and we’ll all make sure to keep you drooling for more. We’re a bunch of potent fellas with unparalleled sexual desires, and we’ll have plenty of sex and shenanigans to tell (and show) you about.

Contact us through this website

If you need to contact us, you can do it through mails, comments or whatever is neccessarry through this website, but remember: rule of the thumb is, the Ratt Gang contacts you, not the other way around. Still, if you really need something or if we banged your chick or something, you can always reach out to us.